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'Active' FleetWave pioneers new era of fleet management efficiency

"The advent of so much information, at first seen as a boon, has in many cases sadly resulted in fleet managers struggling to keep up. Now active systems like FleetWave will bring a new freedom to manage for fleet operators, allowing in-house managers to concentrate on those parts which need their attention most.

"This exciting development also heralds an era of easier communication between leasing and fleet management companies and their customers. FleetWave can work behind the scenes just as well for a small fleet or a 100,000+ fleet management or contract hire company fleet."

  • See story below for more on contract hire operators using FleetWave.

For stressed-out transport/fleet managers, over-burdened by the sheer volume of data their fleets are generating, or struggling to run things on multiple sites - salvation is here!

New 'active' fleet management solutions being pioneered by Chevin Computer Systems, will give those in charge of fleets back their freedom to manage.

Chevin's revolutionary new FleetWave system can pull all the necessary data into a central information pool - managers to concentrate on vital areas, such as overspends.

This state-of-the-art system will actively gather all the data necessary to run fleets at peak efficiency, automatically gathering information from suppliers (such as fuel card and servicing companies) as well as from other departments, contractors and even drivers.

Best of all, it will then allow other departments to access the data they need 

(armed with security passwords, fully under the transport/fleet manager's control) to draw off their own reports, saving even more time.

Ashley Sowerby, managing director of Chevin Computer Systems said: "The idea of an 'active' fleet management system has long been the transport industry's dream, but it's available here and now. What's made it possible are 'next generation links', which permit data on vehicles and transactions to be gathered virtually automatically. 

CV Show visitors to sample power of new software system

"Information on accidents and repairs, or details necessary for P46 and P11D reporting for instance can be actively gathered together in a single data pool, and the system can be automated to contact drivers or suppliers by email whenever necessary.

Big fleets riding FleetWave

One of the most notable aspects of the changeover to FleetWave has been its simplicity, adds Steve. "We've dealt throughout with Chevin's Graham Brown, who's been very accommodating. Nothing has been an issue during the installation. That's in spite of us asking for a number of things to be customised to make our work easier.

"It's a very good system. I've seen rival ones, but they're nearly always sold as set 'packages' which are hard to make into bespoke systems, whereas FleetWave is extremely flexible."

  • World's first 'pay on use' fleet management system set to create huge 'mobile phone-style' growth in computer solutions market (see centre pages)


'We want it too' says East Midlands Ambulance Service

Having heard that West Midlands Ambulance Service is to benefit from FleetWave, East Midlands Ambulance has ordered it as well. (Chevin's sales manager Stephen de Launay is now hoping this geographical progression will continue both east and west, and possibly north and south as well!)

The arrival of FleetWave has prompted several major fleets to ditch their old ways of doing things, and enjoy greater efficiency, while offering improved customer service.

The list is growing rapidly, but already includes top names like Cadbury Schweppes, Murfitts, Platinum Fleet Management and West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Not surprisingly Chevin Computer Systems' staff have found the phone ringing 'off the hook' in the last few weeks in the run up to the CV Show, with both large and small transport/fleet operators wanting to see FleetWave in action. One of the major benefits is the way the powerful FleetWave system can play a key role in the background, even being re-branded on 'customer facing' web pages for instance.

Two major fleet leasing/management companies have recently installed FleetWave for this very reason. One - the contract hire wing of a major International corporation - will use it to boost the efficiency of its own accident management system for customers, and is considering using it to improve other services too.

The other, Platinum Fleet Management, opted for FleetWave specifically to look after the broadcasting division of a major UK media group. Platinum's MD Steve Barraclough told Fleetwise his decision was based on previous experience of Chevin, as well as his enthusiasm for 'on-line' efficiency: "We'd dealt with the company for several years, having used RoadBASE for Windows. Last year I happened to ask if Chevin was going to produce an web-based system - as we're switching everything over to the Internet. 

"A great deal of work had to be done to get our new customer's data organised, as before we came along it had been all over the place. But now with FleetWave installed we can do everything for them, including billing routines, in one 'active' system which brings all the necessary data together. The benefits to both ourselves and our other customers are enormous. They'll be able to see movements of vehicles, orders etc. Our aim is to be as interactive as possible, doing away with old-fashioned manual processing of information, and FleetWave is a real boon."

Ties to Thailand

Chevin cemented its reputation as the 'most global' of all fleet software companies with new representation in Thailand - in the form of new agent Terry Adams and his company Supply Chain Solutions. 

Chevin MD Ashley Sowerby said: "There's a very strong growth economy in Thailand, which presents a great opportunity for our two companies to help local businesses and multi-nationals investing there to control development of fleet operations in a cost-effective and structured way.

"This has been made easier by Chevin's unique ability to produce versions in any language on earth, simply by swapping text files."
(Supply Chain Solutions +66 2 321 6699.)

African Mitsubishi agents use Chevin for contract hire

Two companies providing vehicles for growing corporate markets in Kenya and Uganda have installed RoadBASE Contract Management to help build up their fleet leasing businesses. 

The pair, Simba Colt of Kenya and Victoria Motors Ltd. of Uganda, are both Mitsubishi agents and each has a fleet of some 300 vehicles on contract hire. The installations were overseen by Chevin's Ashley Sowerby and Shane Bickley on a recent sales trip.


  • Pictured are Ashley with local agent Ike Allibhai of Orchid Detection Systems, and Adil Popat of Simba Colt Motors Ltd.

Chevin used by aid agency in Afghanistan

efficiently as possible - and we hope Chevin's RoadBASE will allow us to do just that."

A fleet of vehicles has been sent into Afghanistan by a major NGO* relief agency - using Chevin Computer Systems' RoadBASE to help it cope in the tricky conditions. The convoys have been ferrying urgently needed food and other aid in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and on-going military action.

The NGO chose RoadBASE to help it maximise resources such as fuel, vehicles and spares. Fuel is often hard to come by and is of variable quality, making breakdowns a frequent occurrence.
This installation represents the first of a planned roll-out into over 40 countries. Logistics officer Martin Bettelley, based at the charity's Rome office said: "Our relief operation in Afghanistan is huge. We were already bringing aid to over five million before the recent military activity, so you can imagine the scale of the relief mission we've had to mount in the wake of so many refugees leaving their homes.

"We have to manage our fleet like everyone else, but often against impossible odds. However we owe it to those we're helping, as well as those who provide the aid, to operate as

NGO market favours Chevin fleet solutions

More and more NGO and multi-national aid organisations are choosing Chevin's unbeatable range of fleet solutions to assist with their transport operations. This trend started in 1996, when a major humanitarian operation picked RoadBASE to run its global fleet.

The system was originally installed in eight locations, increasing to 19 by December 1997. Due to the success at

these sites, Chevin MD Ashley Sowerby was invited to visit Angola in September 1997 to install systems for use by both the UN and World Food Programme. "It's gratifying to note that both these systems were chosen as a result of recommendations from the field-based operations staff," said Ashley. "Clearly they recognised that this was a solution able to function well in extremely difficult environments." Further success has been achieved across Africa and Chevin is soon to install a second system in Afghanistan for Bukkehave International, and is currently talking to a number of NGO and associated support operations across Central and Western Europe, Africa and Asia.

*Note : Due to confidentiality clauses we are not able to name the NGOs.

Massive growth predicted for 'pay on use' software solutions

First 'pay on use' computerised management solutions set to produce huge growth in SME sector

Benefits of FleetWave

  • Time and money savings - 'active' fleet management system automatically draws all fleet information together (from other departments, suppliers - even drivers)
  • Further time savings - other departments produce own reports
  • Full control - access 'hierarchy' via security codes
  • Total data security (info held off-site, with further off-site backups - virtually no risk of breakdown, and zero risk of theft or accidental damage)
  • Greater convenience - access anywhere in the world, anytime, on any terminal or laptop
  • Easier installation** - no new software necessary (uses standard Internet Explorer browser)
  • Offices/multiple sites linked around the world instantly (no need for expensive/complex networking)
  • 'Freedom to manage' - stressed fleet 'data administrators' get their lives back and become managers again!
Just as 'pay-on-use' produced exponential growth in the mobile phone market, the same thing looks likely to happen in the UK fleet management solutions sector - with the launch of the first pay-on-use system by Chevin.

Fleets will just pay a simple fee as low as 1 per vehicle, per month for the privilege of using what is probably the world's best fleet management system, FleetWave Monthly, which has enormous advantages over standard 'desk-top' systems (see panel on this page for benefits). They don't even need to sign a contract for more than a month and are free to terminate the arrangement at any time.

Chevin MD Ashley Sowerby sees this new departure opening up the market in a wholly new way, especially for smaller and medium-sized fleets.
"We made the decision to launch an 'off-the-shelf, no contract' version of FleetWave. Until now there has been a brake on development of the UK fleet software market for SMEs, because investing in software solutions usually required a major financial commitment. 

"When we pioneered the use of the Internet/Intranets last year it was a major step forward, especially for larger and multi-national fleets for whom rapid communication between multiple sites is crucial. This is a natural development, which we're confident will open up opportunities for smaller and medium-sized companies to manage their fleets as efficiently as the big boys, but without any major outlay.

We foresee major growth in the market from this one simple change, which we're pleased to be pioneering."

Dave Etheridge joins web team

Chevin's busy web development team - responsible for the company's revolutionary 'active' FleetWave solution - has been strengthened by the addition of David Etheridge (26).

A web programmer with several years' experience behind him, David says he's delighted to join a company which puts him at the "cutting edge" of technology. 

"It's always exciting to see a major change in an industry's working practices taking place," he explains. "For many fleets keeping their data in-house is the best method. However for larger fleets, especially those operating on multiple sites or fleet management companies with customers dotted all over the country, using our unique application FleetWave clearly has many advantages."

Chevin mounts major ad campaign for FleetWave

Chevin has mounted a major advertising 'push' in some 15 fleet and transport magazines for its exciting new product FleetWave, in a bid to spread the message to UK managers - that there's a new and more efficient way of running things. 

The campaign is being supervised by Chevin's agency, Publisyst PR & Marketing Communications, which is also providing creative input, and media buying is being handled by top London independent agency TCS Media. 

Planner-buyer for TCS Justin Mallinson said: "We're excited to be working with a company like Chevin because FleetWave is right at the cutting edge of technology. We feel there's an important message here, which could change the way most companies operate, and we're pleased to be helping such a ground-breaking product reach the market-place."

  • Pictured are Sarah Oliphant (TCS' on-line marketing expert), Ashley Sowerby (Chevin MD) and Justin Mallinson (TCS planner-buyer).

Chevin product range upgraded

Have you seen all the new features on Chevin's products yet? The entire range has been upgraded for 2002, providing even more useful reporting and a host of 'tweaks', making for easier operation. 

These upgrades, such as the risk management fields introduced in November, are designed to reflect (and where possible anticipate) changes taking place in the industry - not least of which is the new CO2-based driver tax system. Feedback from customers, as well as ideas from Chevin's own staff, have driven this process.
New features include better facilities for sending emails directly to drivers from the screen currently in view and facilities for opening pictures, such as copies of driving licences or photos of staff, images of crash damage etc. as well as spreadsheets. There are also a number of new button features, to speed up working.

Are computers today's No.1 fleet tool?

What's used most by someone operating a fleet, from the moment they get to their desk in the morning to going home time?

Answer: their computer! So why don't the trade magazines carry more on using - and choosing - systems?

Ashley Sowerby put this to Fleet News, which responded that its journalists didn't have time to properly evaluate computer solutions. However at the time of going to press we were helping FN to install a copy of a Chevin system for its editorial team to try out - allowing them see why people get so excited over our products!

Chocs away for FleetWave at Cadbury Schweppes

Cadbury Schweppes plc is to put its entire fleet operation on-line, using Chevin Computer Systems' newly-developed FleetWave. Utilising the world's first true web application fleet management system will help the group run its 1200 vehicle fleet, based at 15 sites throughout the UK.

"Having a web front-end is the way most of our systems are going, and with such an infrastructure in place, it was natural to choose FleetWave," said CS internal IT consultant David Appleyard.

"Switching to FleetWave has future-proofed our fleet management system, and will save the fleet department a great deal of time - as information can be accessed by authorised departments and individuals, able to input their own data and produce reports."
Previously two divisions - Cadbury's Ltd. and Trebor Bassett - had their own separate systems. However in order to streamline administration and enhance functionality, a new single system was required, according to fleet administrator Neil Foster - who recommended FleetWave to his IT colleagues. 

He explained: "We were looking for a stable, reliable system with an easy-to-use interface that offered a comprehensive range of features, and analysis-reporting to make our administration simpler and more efficient, allowing us to concentrate on actually managing the fleet. FleetWave exceeds our requirements."